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Collingwood Area

Scenic Places in the Blue Mountain-Collingwood Area

Just a two-hour drive from Toronto, Ontario, the Blue Mountain / Collingwood area is a scenic delight year-round. SO This picturesque Collingwood area is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ontario. Therefore From hiking on beautiful wooded trails to spending a fun day on the beautiful beach. There are beautiful and picturesque places…
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Road to the Blue Mountains in Australia

“We are in a dream time. Go and resonate with nature. Whatever comes to you, you get a message,” says our travel guide. We are a place call Eureka Clearing in the Blue Mountains National Park Australia, Glenbrook, New South Wales, Australia. Suddenly, a flock of white cockatoos, Australian royal parrots, appears behind a nearby…
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Jenolan Caves

5 Reasons You Should Tour the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves

The world of the caving tourist is often separate from the world of caving adventure. The former enjoys a stroll along a lighted boardwalk in a large group. While the latter prefers it “down and dirty”. Hanging from a harness halfway up a cliff. Sometimes, however, these two worlds can coexist. A good example is…
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Take in the Sights and Sounds of the Blue Mountains While in Katoomba

On the edge of a stunning 170-meter clean cliff is Echo Point and the home of the famous Three Sisters. This has been a popular spot for over 150 years with hikers and adventure seekers. No visit to Australia would be complete without visiting Katoomba and seeing the Blue Mountains, Katoomba Echo Point, and the…
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From 300 Foot Cliffs to Cascading Waterfall the Blue Mountains Has It All

Not many of the world’s largest cities can claim to have over a million acres of World Heritage wilderness in their backyard. But waterfall the Blue Mountains are so close to Sydney that many residents commute to the largest city in Sydney. Australia. If you take the train from Katoomba, the largest city in the…
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